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BrewCraft - Makers of The Worlds Finest Craft Brewing Products

Brewcraft South Africa are the agents for Brewcraft International and supply Home Starter Brewery System & The Grainfather All-Grain Brewing System… a wide range of Beer & Still Spirits Kits that have been created for people who love beer & spirits and want to make their own. Our range of International Beer Kits is not just any beer as we supply a wide variety of classic styles - each put together by experienced brewers using traditional high quality copper kettles and the best water removal techniques. Each International Beer Kit supplied is a top blend of malted barley, hops, water and yeast and delivers big authentic flavour - just the way it should. Only the best brewing ingredients are used and the distinctive characteristics of each brew are retained to allow you to easily make your favourite style at your place. So when you choose a Mangrove Jack’s Home Starter Brewery Kit from Brewcraft South Africa, you can be assured that you’ll get all of the taste, texture and drinking satisfaction you’re after. Just the way you like it!Our Still Spirits range of products are recognised as the world leaders in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences that can transform basic low-cost alcohol products into delicious, fully flavoured authentic replications of far more expensive spirits or liqueurs.