Which Turbo Yeasts should you use in distilling?

 2017-09-15 04:02 PM by

Turbo Yeasts and their uses:

We often get these questions regarding the Turbo yeasts and their uses in distilling. Now obviously they are all designed for different purposes so let’s clarify a little bit:

If you desire to achieve the highest possible alcohol production, then CLASSIC TURBO 8 yeast is the best and most recommended yeast for you. However, if you are one of the impatient ones who wish to have your still ferment at warp speed, then FAST TURBO YEAST is definitely recommended. However, you are going to have to forfeit the ABV as it lowers with faster fermentation. Another thing is that you can only ferment 6kg of sugar as opposed to 8kg.

For cleaning tasting spirits with low fermentation odours, use PURE TURBO YEAST. This is to ensure that your distillate ferments to produce only the best quality. Like the Fast Fermenting Turbo Yeast, you can only use 6 kg of sugar.

We have something special for those who like to distill in the dead of summer! HEAT TURBO YEAST has the ability to ferment when the room temperature (air temperature that is) is sitting at 30 degrees or above! It is recommended, however, to start your water at a temperature of 20 degrees or lower to avoid the shock that the yeast will experience when the heat spike occurs.

Hopefully this will ensure you of achieving your best possible results when distilling!