Top Shelf Irish Mint Cream Liqueur - St. Paddy's Day

 2018-03-16 03:09 PM by

Top Shelf Irish Mint Cream

St Paddy’s is tomorrow and what better way than to celebrate but the Irish way! Here’s a recipe using Still Spirits Irish Mint Cream Liqueur Essence. Create this traditional Irish Cream Liqueur by first mixing Still Spirits Cream Base with about 220ml water. Stir vigorously to prevent any lumps from forming. Once the base has successfully dissolved into the water, add the Still Spirits Top Shelf Irish Mint Cream Liqueur Essence to the mixture and then add 500ml of distilled spirits of approximately 40% or you could opt to use Vodka. Top up with water until about the solution reaches about 1.125L.

It may not be for everybody as not all folks are overly fond of all things sweet, however, Still Spirits offers a wide variety of Cream Liqueur Essences, Schnapps Essences, Spirit Essences and of course, the liqueur essences. Try this out and please, don’t be shy to give us your feedback – cheers!