The New Icon Gin Range has arrived!

 2019-07-17 12:54 PM by

The New Icon Gin Range has arrived!

We are pleased to inform all the lovers of Gin that we have received the New Icon Gin range at our Brewcraft branches.

Introducing the new Rhubarb and Ginger Gin!

This flavour comprises of a deliciously balanced sweet and spicy notes for a gin flavouring. It also lets off a subtle hint of citrus.


We have something else refreshing for all of you Gin fanatics! The violet gin is another delicious Icon liqueur pouch range from Still Spirits.

Sweet violet and full-bodied lavender style gin liqueur, reminiscent of parma violet sweets, balanced with juniper and subtle botanicals.

Has hints of sweet violet and a lavender style to the gin liqueur which contains notes of violet sweets as well as the well- balanced flavor of gin and other botanicals.


So there you have it – something to prepare yourselves as we enter into the warmer months! Cheers!