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Alcohol: Alcohol is the hydrocarbon compound that results from fermenting sugar. In the form of ethanol, alcohol is distilled white spirit.

ABV: Alcohol by Volume is also known as ABV and is the alcoholic strength of a spirit measured as a % part in relation to the liquid. 40% ABV equates to 40% alcohol and 60% water/congeners etc.

Airlock: A device to allow air out of a fermenting unit while preventing oxygen and bugs from coming back inside it.

 Air Still: A special type of pot still that uses air instead of water to cool the condenser, with an inbuilt fan that blows cool air over the cooling coils inside the top cover

Body: The main distillate or condensed steam collected from an air still or pot still. The body comes off between the "heads" and "tails".

Distillate:A liquid condensed from vapor in distillation

Fermentation: The process that occurs when yeast uses sugar to make alcohol and carbon dioxide.