Still Spirits Air Still Infusion Basket

 2017-11-29 02:37 PM by

Air Still Infusion Basket

As you may have noticed, the Still Spirits Air still has a hole under the lid which serves as the entrance of vapour and where it condenses in the cooling coil. This would happen before it comes out as liquid alcohol. However, please note that a few customers like yourselves are finding some pieces of botanicals stuck within the region of the cooling coil.

But not to worry! We now stock the Air Still Infusion Basket which is designed to prevent such a mishap!

When using the Air Still Infusion basket, kindly take the following necessary steps in order to achieve the best possible spirits.

  • You can use a teabag or even a hop bag when using the much smaller botanicals such as dried herbs and certain spices that have been grinded.
  • You can also use botanicals that are larger than the hole inside the Air still – you will hardly have problems if this was the case.
  • Do not turn the lid of the Air Still upside down when inserting the basket – the possibility of botanicals falling into the hole is immensely great!

Use these handy tips and be the best distiller that you could possibly be!