South African Wheat Beer All Grain Recipe

 2019-01-18 08:47 AM by

Try an All Grain South African Wheat Beer for the Summer!

This summer is just getting hotter across the country so it’s best that we get ourselves prepared for the insufferably hot weather! One of the best ways to do this is to make a refreshing, light, traditionally South African Beer.

You will need:

·         2.3kg BEST Pilsen Malt

·         2.7kg BEST Wheat Malt

·         2 x Mangrove Jack’s Bavarian Wheat Yeast

·         20g Southern Aroma Hop Pellets

Grainfather Method:


·         Fill the boiler with 17L of water and at an input temperature of 67 C.

·         When the water reaches 67C, slowly add the pack of grain, stirring gently as you do to avoid dry clumps. Set the mash up as per the Grainfather instructions. Mash for 60 minutes at 67 C. While Mashing, make sure the element variation switch is on mash.

·         After 60 minutes, imput the temperature of 75 C for the mash out and switch the element variation switch to normal. Continue to recirculate the wort at 75 C for about another 10 minutes before sparging.

·         Make sure to sparge with 15L of water. The water has to be at a temperature of 75C.

·         Throw in 20g of Southern Aroma Hop Pellets at the start of the boil which will run for 60 minutes.

·         At the end of the boil, allow the wort to rest for 20 minutes. After this time has elapsed, give the wort a good stir. Then chill it using your Counter Flow Wort Chiller as per the Grainfather Instructions. As the cool wort collects in your fermenter pitch the yeast.

·         After the cooled wort has been transferred into the fermenter, place the fermenter into a fridge or cool spot to achieve average temperature for the duration of fermentation.


Now this is something to make summer worthwhile! Cheers!