Sour Beers - It's what you make of it

 2018-02-20 09:38 AM by

Sour Beers – it’s what you make of it

Sour beers have been quite the rave this past year and still continues to grow. Although not considered desirable in the commercial market as it could result in a loss of profit, it has been growing exponentially in the craft beer and home brewing community.

When we talk about sourness in our home brewed or craft beers, we say that it is mainly caused by micro organisms creating a large range of compounds that are rather acidic in nature to make the beer sour. These beers tend to have a low bitterness flavour.

Bacteria and wild yeasts can produce a wide range of flavours in sour beers at each time. Examples of this range of beer styles that exist due to this nature are the following:

  • Lambic beers typically brewed in Belgium and are typically served uncarbonated.
  • Gueuze beers again originate from Belgium and are often spontaneously fermented with multi organism fermenting process that gives it a lactic sour characteristics with earthy undertones and flavours.
  • Fruit Lambic beers can be fermented for years with fruit and various strains of yeast.
  • Oud Bruin beers gain their sour characteristics from stainless steel to obtain the notes of toffee and caramel.
  • Berliner Weiss beers from Germany also have lactic character with the omission of hop aromas and flavours and thus, has a low bitterness level. They are also served carbonated.


So as you can see, just because a beer is sour, doesn’t mean you should toss it. You can become a sour beer ninja and create a wide variety of delicious-tasting sour beers! Cheers!