Over the last 15 years BrewCraft Int. has developed into one the most respected brands in home beer brewing market and supplying to our specialised brew shops throughout the world and not supermarkets as others.
We have lead the way, constantly innovating and lifting the standard across a wide product range. Until recently the BrewCraft brand has not only been applied to a wide variety of products, but to retail outlets themselves through a series of licensing agreements.

In 2009 is was decided to some restructuring of brand offerings by introducing two new top quality brewing brands namely, Copper Tun & Mangrove Jack's. The BrewCraft Brand has be retained in the USA, Canadian, UK and South African markets where it has developed a strong following and continues to innovate and gain market share in those countries.



Still Spirits is the recognised world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences that can transform basic low-cost alcohol products into delicious, fully-flavoured authentic replications of far more expensive spirits or liqueurs.

Quite simply, with our recipes and ingredients you can reproduce just about any alcohol-based drink you want, your way. You can also modify alcohol content down or up, and add additional aromas and taste-traits as well.




Mad Millie As Fresh As Can Be ....Cheese Making Kits Making cheese is an ancient domestic craft from pre-industrial times.

Cheese back then was made in small batches, each carefully handcrafted and full of flavour. The Fresh Cheese Kit contains everything you need to create a range of delicious cheeses in the traditional, artisan way. Each Cheese takes as little as an hour hands on time, but is made over a day.

Just add your fresh milk, a pot and some basic kitchen utensils and you will be on your way to discovering how fun and easy cheese making at home can be



Vintner's Harvest offers superior wine making products; our specialist yeasts were selected after what we believe was the most extensive trials ever performed on available dried wine yeast strains.

Vintner's Harvest includes a full range of ingredients used in wine making as well as equipment and supplies for home and small commercial use.