Keep it Clean!

 2019-03-12 07:26 AM by

Keep it Clean!

If anything in brewing, the most important step in the brewing process must be sanitation. It is vital to sterilize all of your brewing equipment before attempting to make another brew. Sterilization is not a practice just for funzies but more a discipline of life.

We may not realize it, but we deal with various micro organisms on a daily basis and seeing that beer, wine, etc. are considered foodstuffs, they are prone to be spoiled by bacteria. In order to prevent wasting your time on brewing a beer that is most likely to go off, make sure that EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING) is sanitized. As brewers it is vital that we adopt the same paranoia of spoilage mechanisms and bacteria and to understand the difference between cleaning something and sanitizing it. There is really no point sanitizing the fermenter if you have not used the appropriate cleaning agent to break down the remaining fats, proteins and other possible residue within the fermenter. On the same note, a cleaner is not the same as a sanitizer so it is important to utilize both.

When sterilizing your brewing equipment, also bare in mind that you cannot just use any sanitizer. Using Milton, for example, for leave a dreadful aftertaste in your beer and will, therefore, taste horrid – nothing how you wanted your brew to taste. We can solve this problem for you by supplying you with Mangrove Jack’s ECD Cleaning Detergent as well as the No-rinse Sterilizer. You will have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be sterilized (if done correctly) and also knowing that there will be no aftertaste in your beer.



Cheers, and now don’t be making ‘them germs grow!