How to preserve your home brewing ingredients:

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How to preserve your brewing ingredients:

This is most probably one of the most crucial fundamentals in brewing – fresh ingredients! You’ll find that as you progress in your brewing knowledge and start to transition away from extract to full grain, there is a sudden increase in ingredients that need to be kept fresh.

There are numerous ingredients that come with full grain kits such as brewing malts, hop pellets and dry yeast.

MALTS – At Brewcraft, we supply malts at the desire of our customers – namely milled or unmilled. Whether you decide on having your grains milled or not, the outcome of preserving them will be similar. Unmilled grain does however, last much longer than milled grain as there is a much slower oxygen uptake. Milled grain, if not sealed in vacuum packed bags, will get moist a lot quicker and would have to be used within a few days.

MALTED EXTRACTS IN KITS – With DME (Dry malt extract), you can transfer to a zip-lock bag once opened and it will still remain fresh for months on end. With liquid malt extract, however, you must not keep them for more than a few weeks once opened. When you do open them, just make sure that you transfer it into sterilized bottles and place in a refrigerator.

HOPS – With hops, always keep in a vacuum packed bag as they tend to go off and give off a smelly dirty sock stench! This is really undesirable and can be avoided by the necessary precautions.

Hoppy brewing – cheers!