How to pour the Perfect Beer

 2017-08-23 02:50 PM by


The question is: to tilt or not to tilt?  The key component here is to try and master your ability at controlling the foam. Even though the different styles of beers have different recipes (obviously), the principles of pouring are in general, the same.

The general population will pour the beer with a tilted glass to avoid early foaming.  However, to pour to quickly is definitely not the best way to pour beer as the best foam is created at the bottom of the glass. The hurried foam that comes from a tilted glass gives larger, looser bubbles that don’t last as long.



1 – Make sure that you rinse your glass.

2 – You must insure that you hold the glass upside down to see if water runs off evenly across the surface of the glass. This means that it is thoroughly clean.

3 – Do not wipe the glass with a cloth to make it dry as the fibres of the rag will come loose and sit in the glass. This will create tiny bubbles that stimulate the release of carbonation and dissipate foam. Rather turn it upside down to airdry.



4 – Choose your glass style according to the beer style

5 – Pour the beer down the side of the untilted glass to create some swirling and foaming.

6 – Pause in the pour at about 2/3 full to let the foam consolidate and become tighter and more dense.

7 – Finish off by pouring the last bit of beer in, some down the sidewall or close to the edge to give the final uplifting surge of foam.

We know that you are excited to taste this glorious glass of beer, but first take some time to observe what you have poured. Is there a frosty condensation on the glass? Does the beer hold a foam? If its flat, you’ve got a problem.