Many people brew their own beer because it is so much cheaper than buying it from a liquor store or pub. However, increasingly, more and more people are getting into home beer brewing because it is easy to make a beer that will taste better than most commercial brews on offer, and the art of beer making is a relaxing and rewarding pastime.

Depending on the method of beer brewing, you can spend an enjoyable hour or so a day making a batch of beer. There's nothing quite like deciding on what sort of style you're going to make, then buying your ingredients in an easy to make kit, and returning home to make a great brew.

With a bit of practice, you shouldn't have any trouble giving some imported and boutique beers a real run for their money, not only in regards to taste, but how terrific it will look as well.

Mythbusting home brewing. There are many myths about home beer brewing, and like most myths, they're mostly not true at all. Let's debunk a few of the more popular untruths surrounding the art of brewing at home.


1. Homebrew is stronger than "normal" beer.

Wrong. You can make homebrew as strong or as weak as you like - it all depends on how much sugar or malt you add. Two readings from a hydrometer (a low-cost necessity for brewing) as well as a simple calculation will give you a fairly accurate measure of the alcohol content. So making refreshing light beer is just as easy as


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