Home Brewing Basics

 2018-09-25 10:56 AM by

Home brewing Basics

There is a certain pleasure in mustering all that is good in beer to make your very own precious brew. It most certainly an art of its own and requires the necessary steps to brew a storm!

Follow these steps and become a pro at homebrewing!

First, and most probably the most important step is to ensure that everything is spick and span! This is to prevent any bacteria from contaminating your beer and causing everything to head south! MAKE SURE THAT EVERYTHING IS STERILIZED!

Whether you’re going to be using an extract kit or the Grainfather for All-Grain Brewing, you’re going to have to be boiling your wort. It is recommended that you boil the entire batch of approximately 23L of wort. This means that unless you have the Grainfather All-in-One Brewing System, you’re going to need a bloody big pot!

After boiling the wort, you’ll need to chill it. You’re going to have to drop that wort temperature down to around 20 degrees Celsius very quickly which is why it would be a good idea to invest in an immersion chiller.

Now you’re ready to pitch your yeast once the sweet wort has been transferred into a fermenter ( plastic or stainless steel – doesn’t matter really). The fermentation usually takes 2 weeks to ferment and then this will call for bottling. Tip: after two weeks, you’ll notice that the bubbling within the bubbler has stopped – this should be an indication that the fermentation process has stopped. Keg or bottle your beer and drink in two weeks time!