Grainfather Brew Crew Challenge - 5th May 2018

 2018-05-11 02:35 PM by

The Grainfather Brew Crew Challenge – 5th May 2018

 For those of you who missed the memo, there was an awesome challenge hosted internationally by The Grainfather on the 5th of May. It was the perfect time to get together with a whole bunch of mates and to brew up a storm!

At Brewcraft Jet park and at Brewcraft Centurion we hosted the event and 7 teams participated in this iconic event! We may not have won but damn, we South Africans sure know how to brew up a storm!!  A BIG thank you to all of the teams who participated with us! Thanks to Bat Brewing, Tactical Brewing and Ready Brewer One for the amazing effort and good spirit! Can’t wait to taste all of those beers.....totally out of this world!! And to The Malted Meerkats, it was awesome to have you brewing with us – can’t wait to taste your Russian Imperial Stout! Lastly, our two teams, Team SA and Team Alien, we’re just weird but we sure know how to party! Cheers!!