Getting more Hop Aroma in your brew

 2019-03-26 10:04 AM by

Getting more Hop Aroma

  1. Make sure to utilize a blend of varieties in order to encourage the synergy of the aroma compounds within the hops.
  2. Add the hops after the boil as a dry hop addition or as a steeping hop addition.
  3. Use nitrogen-flushed hops in fresh packaging to avoid hops with a stench which could affect the taste and scent of your beer.
  4. Be sure to reduce the amount of Oxygen that enters the packaging so that it can remain fresher for longer.
  5. In order to minimize the oxidation reactions that destroy the aroma potential of your beer, keep your beer cold.


Hopefully these useful tips will improve your brew’s aromatic quality and will, therefore, yield a lot of enjoyment and taste.