Feijoa Schnapps

 2018-01-08 01:48 PM by

Feijoa Fruit Schnapps


Feijoa? What the hell is that? Well, why not start the new year with a dare and find out how to make Feijoa Schnapps?


Still Spirits have introduced a new range of rather interesting essences with the Top Shelf Feijoa Schnapps being one of the most interesting at the moment. Feijoa is actually an egg-shaped fruit from Acca sellowiana, which is an ever-green shrub that can be found in New Zealand, Uruguay, Brazil and some parts of Russia. It is rather exotic and has a unique smell and taste.

To make Feijoa Schnapps, you will need Top Shelf Feijoa Schnapps Essence, 650ml of Distilled spirits of about 40% or Vodka and Still Spirits Base.

Shake the essence well before adding to the alcohol/vodka and then gradually stir in the Schnapps Base until there are no lumps. Top up with water until it has reached 1.125ml and leave chilled overnight before serving – cheers!