Amaretto and Cranberry Kisses

 2017-12-07 11:30 AM by

Amaretto Cranberry Kisses

Here’s a little festive cocktail for you this Christmas! It’s soo easy to make and simply delicious and refreshing! Try it for yourselves!


You will need to use the Top Shelf Amaretto Essence

as well as Still Spirits Red Liqueur Base C. Add the

essence to about 850ml of 40% ABV distilled alcohol

or vodka. Once you have done this, slowly add the

Liqueur Base C contents while stirring with a whisk/spoon.

top up to 1.125L with water.



2 Cups Cranberry Juice

1 Cup Vodka or Spirits

1/2 Cup Amaretto Liqueur

3 Tbsp Fresh Orange Juice



Add all the ingredients together to a 1 L jug filled

with ice and serve! Cheers!!