5 Fun Facts about Hops

 2019-02-20 07:09 AM by

Five Fun Facts about Hops:

  1. 822 AD was the earliest recorded use of hops in beer however, organized hop cultivation did not commence until the 12th century in Germany.
  2. As late as the 16th century, the Britons considered hops to be a weed; a condemnation and many cities enforced a ban on hoppy beers. King Henry VI was believed to be quite a fan of the hoppiness of beers and was a key to its acceptance into Britain.
  3. Hops actually grow best between the latitudes of 35 – 55 degrees either north or south of the equator because of the longer days during the growing season. Most of the world’s hops grow in these regions.
  4. Hop plants are often mistakenly called vines when they are bines. The difference lies in where vines climb using tendrils, while a bine will climb using its shoot alone. The bines grow clockwise around their support as they follow the sun across the sky.
  5. Dogs and cats cannot consume hops as they are extremely toxic to them. Should they consume them, they will get a high fever and even death so make sure that your home brewing supplies are out of reach.